Simple ERC-721 Token


La belote is a game using French-suited playing cards.
Here we have a very simple implementation of an ERC-721 token where each token represents a card in a typical 32-card deck used to play belote.

The Smart Contract

  • Allow anyone to mint if the contract is not paused
  • Maximum of 3 cards per wallet max
  • Allow anyone to get public information like the URL of the metadata of a token, supply, name, symbol, balance ...
  • Owner can pause/unpause the contract
  • Owner can withdraw the fund
  • Split withdraw implemented with a fix 4.5% to given addr hardcoded
  • Re-entrancy protection on withdrawal
  • Owner can transfert ownership of the contract to another address, or renounce ownership
  • Owner can update the metadata uri
  • All ERC165, IERC721, IERC721Metadata and IERC721Enumerable fonctionalities ( transfert, approval ...)
See the contract on Polygonscan

Data from the contract

Token name :

Token symbol :

Max supply :

Current supply :

Max token per wallet :

Contract paused :

Contract owner :


belote nft image

My cards

Connect your wallet. Fetching data ... You don't own any NFT of this collection.
You own NFT from this collection

Under the hood

On page load :

  • Detects if a web3 wallet is connected to display the page

If your wallet is connected :

  • The application queries the blockchain to get all the information about the contract. Max supply, current supply, price ect...
  • The application queries the blockchain to get your balance and retrieve your token information.
  • Images and metadata are retrieved from IPFS
  • You can mint an 1, 2 or 3 token
  • Friendly message with the transaction identifier and a link to the explorer