ERC-20 Token

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What is SWAG ?

SWAG ( ΣWG) is an ERC20 token.
You can exchange and trade it like any other crypto currency on Polygon.

Do you want some SWAG ?

You can claim up to 10 ΣWG every 10 minutes until there is a supply.

The total supply is : ΣWG

The current supply is : ΣWG


ΣWG Connect your wallet.

Under the hood

On page load :

  • ERC-20 token SWAG total and current supply is fetched from the blockchain
  • Detects if you have a web3 wallet connected to the correct network
  • Display ENS if on Ethereum mainnet

If your wallet is connected :

  • The app queries the blockchain to get your SWAG ERC-20 token balance.
  • When you click on the "get more SWAG" button, a transaction is created to mint 10 ΣWG.
  • When a transaction is created an alert message is displayed with the transaction identifier and a link to the explorer
  • When a transaction is rejected, an alert is displayed with the error message. You can test it, by clicking on "get more SWAG" then reject the transaction

The Smart Contract

  • Allow anyone to mint up to 10 SWAG every 10 minute
  • Allow anyone to get public information like supply, name, symbol, balance ...
  • No owner, nobody can stop this contract
  • Hardcap to 10k ΣWG
  • Token holder can burn the token
  • All ERC-20 fonctionalities ( transfert, approval ...)