ERC-1155 Token

Super Mario Bros Ultimate

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Images and metadata are retrieved from IPFS, sometimes it may take a little while.

Mario nft image

Supply : / 100

Luigi nft image

Supply : / 100

Yoshi nft image

Supply : / 100

Donkey Kong nft image
Donkey Kong

Supply : / 100

Mario R nft image
Mario R

Supply : / 5

Luigi R nft image
Luigi R

Supply : / 5

Yoshi R nft image
Yoshi R

Supply : / 5

Donkey Kong R nft image
Donkey Kong R

Supply : / 5

Under the hood

On page load :

  • Detects if a web3 wallet is connected to display the page

If your wallet is connected :

  • The app queries the blockchain to get the current supply of each ERC1155 token
  • Images and metadata are retrieved from IPFS
  • When a transaction is created an alert message is displayed with the transaction identifier and a link to the explorer
  • You can mint an ERC-1155 token