What is this website ?

This is showcase project and an experimental lab based on the features offered by the Web3

This web application uses fake money with no value — have i heard fiat ? ( ¬ ‿¬)

We recommend that you install a Web3 test wallet from scratch, but there is no risk in using your own wallet.

How to use this website ?

Step 1 : Get a Web3 Wallet

A web3 wallet is a web browser extension that facilitates access to Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible blockchains (like Polygon).

To interact with this web application you will need a wallet on your browser.
This is needed to sign transactions, purchase NFTs or interact with smart contract.

The most popular crypto wallet for browser is Metamask, but Xdefi or Rabby are also (better?) very good choice.

If you really don't know what it is you can check on google and YT there is plenty of great beginner content available.

As an alternative you can use Brave

Step 1 : Install a wallet

Step 2 : Configure Network

This webApp is based on Polygon. This is what we call a Layer 2 and for our purpuse it have a some advantage like faster transaction and cheaper gas fee. Also to avoid paying real money we are base on the Polygon Testnet called Mumbai.

You need to configure your wallet to use the Mumbai network. You can find how to this on internet, but the easiest way if you use metamask is probably yo use Chainlist.org and search for Polygon Testnet Mumbai.

You can check this video

Polygon Testnet Mumbai is an EVM testnet, this mean all the code on this site and the smartcontract are compatible with Ethereum Mainet

Step 2 : Configure Network

Polygon Testnet Mumbai

ChainID : 80001

Step 3 : Fund your wallet

Use the Mumbai Faucet to get free Matic on the testnet. Select Mumbai and Matic token and then enter your ETH addresse.

Step 3 : Get some MATIC